Fruity Bacon Salad

* 1 packet (250 gr) rindless bacon strips
* 1 large Muskmelon, diced
½ English Cumber, diced
* 30ml olive oil
* salt and freshly ground pepper

Preheat the oven at 200 ºC. Place the bacon in an overproof dish on a baking sheet and bake until just crispy approximately 10-15 min. Allow to cool and cut into bite-size pieces.

Combine the muskmelon, cucumber and bacon in a salad bowl. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Serve chilled
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Savoury Melon salad

* 1 Honeydew melon, diced
cup feta cheese, crumbled
cup Parma ham, diced
* Fresh mint / basil leaves, roughly chopped
* Olive oil

Combine the melon, feta cheese and ham. Season with mint / basil leaves and add the desired quantity of olive oil.

Serve chilled.
Italian Melon Salad

* 1 large muskmelon, cut into cubes
* shaved Parma Ham or shaved Smoked Ham
* 1 cup rocket leaves, roughly chopped
* shaved Parmesan cheese
* salt and freshly ground pepper
Salad Dressing
* 45ml lemon juice
* 100ml olive oil
* 30ml Honey
* 10ml Mustard (Whole kernel mustard)

Combine the muskmelon, ham, rocket leaves and parmesan cheese in a salad bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Mix the salad dressing ingredients together, blend well and pour over salad. Serve with freshly baked bread.
Red pepper and almond dip

* 1 Large red pepper
* 2 cloves garlic, (unpeeled)
* 125g flaked almonds
* 4 tablespoons red wine vinegar
* 170ml olive oil
* 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
* Salt and coarsely ground black pepper
Preheat the oven to 180°C
Cut the pepper in quarters and rub with olive oil, as well as the garlic cloves. Place skin side up on a baking sheet in the oven and bake until blackened. Cool and remove the skins from the peppers and garlic.
Place the almonds on a baking tray and spread evenly. Toast until lightly golden. Set aside to cool off for 5 minutes.
Place the peppers, garlic and almond flakes in a food processor. Process until smooth.
Add the red wine vinegar and mix in processor on a lower speed.
Add the salt and coarsely gound black pepper and mix. Gradually add the olive oil and mix thoroughly. Add 3 tablespoons of water and mix again. The mixture should have the consistency of thick yoghurt.
Add the chopped parsley and mix briefly.

Caribbean cocktail

* 35ml dark rum
* 15ml lime juice
* 15ml orange juice
½ cup muskmelon, diced
* 25ml sugar
cup of crushed ice

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend well until smooth. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice cubs and garnish with a piece of muskmelon.

Honeydew Splash Soup

* 1 cup honeydew melon, diced
* 1
½ Large cucumber, chopped
* 2 cups Bulagarian yoghurt
½ cup fresh mint leaves
* 2 cups vegetable or chicken stock

Blend all the ingredients together, season to taste. Chill and serve with fresh, crusty bread.
Honeydew Orange Smoothie

* 2 cups diced honeydew melon
¼ cup orange juice
* 1 Tub (175ml) vainilla yogurt

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend well until smooth.
Mint melon dessert

* 1 large honeydew melon , diced
* 6-8 strawberries. halved
* 8 slices of cucumber, halved
* 3 tablespoons orange juice
* 1 teaspoon honey
* 1 tablespoon grated orange rind
¼ cup chopped /sliced almonds - toasted

Combine in a bowl the melon, strawberries, cucumber slices, chopped mint and grated orange rind.
Mix together the orange juice and honey and pour over the melon mixture. Chill before serving.
Garnish with fresh mint leaves and toasted almonds.
Zingy summer dessert

* 2 small ripe honeydew melons
* 8 scoops sorbet, such as mango or passion fruit
* 2 cups mixed berries
* 200ml good quality vodka, left in freezer until very cold.

Cut each melon in half and remove the seeds. Trim off the outer peels of each half so the can stand easily in a plate or bowl.
Add 2 scoops of sorbet to each half and pour the icy cold vodka over the sorbet.
Top each melon half with 1/2 cup berries.
Serve immediately.
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