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Muskmelon and Honeydew melon are cultivated all year round, therefor Schulpad Boerdery plants new seedlings every week of the year. In summer fruit can be harvested within 8-10 weeks from planting date, and in winter 12-14 weeks from planting date.  
In summer time melons grow bigger than during the winter months, therefor different varieties and planting methods are incorporated for the different seasons to manipulate size throughout the year.
Schulpad continues to do trials on new varieties , as to establish the best variety for their unique conditions , i.e. which fruit tastes best, which fruit has the best shelf-life and the most appealing appearance. Certain varieties produce better results in summer and others again in winter. Thus different varieties are planted for almost every season of the year as to optimise their potential.
Seeds are currently sourced from Europe and the USA.
Muskmelon Varieties:
Summer : Caribbean Gold, Jemma
Winter :  Touchdown, Delightful, Star 8815, AcutFresh
Honeydew Melon Varieties:
Summer : Summer Dew , Honey Chow
Winter : Honey Pac

Field Peppers

Red and yellow peppers are produced for the local market from March through to November each year. Planting time is from December to July. Weather conditions greatly influence time of harvest, volumes, as well as quality of the fruit. Schulpad’s climate is of such a nature that peppers cannot be successfully cultivated in peak summer time – it is far too hot.
Pepper Varieties:
- Red Peppers : Hercules
- Yellow Peppers : Solanor

Greenhouse Peppers

Both red and yellow peppers are planted in greenhouses from April to June. Harvest time is from June to December. Peppers are planted in greenhouses over the winter season, so as to optimise volume and size. The fruit is heavy, with thick flesh and an excellent  external appearance. Insect infestation and damaging weather conditions (eg. wind, hail) are minimised in greenhouses.
Pepper Varieties:
- Red Peppers : Red Jewel
- Yellow Peppers : Sunshine

All pepper seeds are sourced from Europe.
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